Message from Our Chancellor

I was lucky to have an exposure to sport, since my father had membership of a club.  I grew up playing squash.  I loved playing.  I cannot imagine life without sports.  When I went to the USA to study, I saw that sport was an integral part of the US University experience.  Students were supposed to take classes in sport, there were fantastic facilities for students to play, and there were tournaments and matches that we played in, and attended.  I played squash for Cornell.  We also had to know how to swim.  If we did not know, the University taught us how to swim.  I am over 50 now, and I still play squash, swim, do Yoga and practice Taekwondo.

We must have that environment of sport to compliment academics in our academic institutions in India.  Sport must be a part of the student experience in India.  The Somaiya Sports Academy will be there to teach our students how to play a sport, how to work in teams, how to be healthy, how to have fun, how to let off some steam when stressed, and how to be champions.  Our students will also be great sportsmen and women.  They will play fair, and have sportsmanship.  The playing of sport will be an important part in the experience of being a Somaiya student.

The Somaiya Sports Academy will also work with the K J Somaiya Institute of Management to create a program in Sports Management.

Come join the game!!

  • To provide an exposure of sport to our students.

  • To show that sports are fun and complement the academic experience

  • To encourage the practice of sport for creating a healthy mind in a healthy body.

  • To educate students in sport.

  • To teach teamwork and competition.

  • To create champions