Kalaripayattu free trial session
Start Date : 08 Apr 2018
End Date : 08 Apr 2018
Event Type : Sports
Audience Type : Faculty, Students
Institution(s) : Somaiya Sports Academy

We are pleased to invite you to participate in Kalaripayattu trial session being organized at Somaiya Vidyavihar on 8th April 2018. A very renowned personality, Mr. Belraj Soni ( will be taking the session.

Kalaripayattu is considered to be the most ancient martial art in the world. It incorporates traditional Indian medicine, meditation, and yoga. There is no other ancient martial practice in the country to compete with its completeness, training system and application techniques, compiled and developed by the Great Gurus or Masters of the land. It has a continuity over centuries and is based on the idea of a sound mind in a sound body. Kalarippayattu is a rare combination of martial training, physical culture, self- defense practice and physiotherapy healthcare. It has a high reputation as an art with highly developed body language and expression. Kalaripayattu instills confidence and grace of movement in the learner, apart from enhancing focus and enhancing concentration. With Kalaripayattu, the learner comes out sure-footed, graceful, confident and focused. A glimpse of the session:

If you are interested in attending the session, please fill the registration form below:

The people who are not a registered student/faculty of Somaiya group can also participate in the trial session. They are required to fill the registration form.